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"Brandworx thinks way outside of the box… their fresh, creative advertising campaign ideas, effective marketing strategies and high quality design services really propelled our sales to new heights!"


Jim H.
V. P. of Marketing

"Top notch and amazing. I am lost for words when describing a cutting edge company like Brandworx. I could ramble on about their customer service, professionalism, dedication to quality, and true passion for their customers needs. I could talk about the unique look of our advertising and how Brandworx is the only firm that could capture the right brand image. I can go on about the national exposure and increased revenue directly related to the effort of Brandworx. Or I could simply tell you the bottom line about Brandworx…….no one comes close, they are simply the best.”


Sally E.         MBA, R.T. (T)
Vice President
RC Billing

"Brandworx Austin has turned the business of advertising into a true art form, their professional work flows with artistic inspiration. The cutting edge advertising strategy and extraordinary customer service put Brandworx Austin at the forefront of graphic design. There is only one choice in advertising for our company, and that choice is Brandworx." 


Jeff S.  Ph.D.

Vice President
Regulatory Interlinx, Inc.

"A last minute multi-million dollar international opportunity opened for us in Korea. We only had one week to devise an advertising strategy to present Montecito to this new foreign market. We didn’t want to mess up this opportunity, so we went to Brandworx for help.

Brandworx was our knight in shining armor and produced world class show booths for our Asian investors. They could not stop talking about the quality of the booth and materials.

Brandworx Austin handled it all. I knew I didn’t have to worry about shipping, because Brandworx made sure everything was on time and in place for our presentation to the investors. Brandworx gave us the peace of mind to focus on making our pitch and not having to worry about everything else. With the professionalism and dedication of Brandworx, we secured a $25 million dollar investment from Korea.”

ID_MPC_Logo (1).jpg

Chip C.
CEO and Founder
Montecito Property Company

"Our marketing campaign was old and needed a major overhaul. Brandworx was the perfect solution to renovate our campaign and give my company a modern feel! The professionalism and great attitude of Brandworx were unmatched. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Brandworx." 


Natalie M.
General Manager
Habitat Suites Hotel

"Finding the best advertising firm was difficult. I had a tough time finding a marketing advertising company I could entrust with our brand. The minute I met with Brandworx, I knew they were the right firm for us... Brandworx Austin consistently produces cutting edge work that delivers the kind of ROI sales success we require." 


Cindy P.
Manager, Internal Sourcing
DELL Computer Corporation

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"We have very strict and demanding deadlines; and we needed an advertising firm that understands our branding and marketing objectives. Brandworx Austin is always up to the challenge of not only meeting our deadlines, but exceeding all expectations with the their high quality work. Brandworx is essential to the success of our company and an integral part of our team. The professionalism and dedication of Brandworx make them our top choice in advertising. They optimized our 22 million dollar advertising budget into successful digital on-line marketing, television, multi-media, radio, and print campaigns. Brandworx is a key reason for our $1.5 billion in revenue last year.”


Cindi B.
Director of National Marketing
Montecito Property Company

"I was looking to do some local search SEO, paid search, radio, outdoor and television ads to increase our business. Brandworx gave us a clear strategy and reasonable budget to get us started. After only one week of advertising with Brandworx, our phones would not stop ringing. These great results made it a simple choice to double our advertising budget. I will only use Brandworx for my advertising and recommend them to anyone trying to get their small business started.”


Dr. Bill S.
Advanced Orthopeadic Institute