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BrandWorx is an award winning, Austin based creative & branding agency with over 24 years of marketing experience.

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BrandWorx is a full service digital marketing consultant and, branding and advertising agency located in downtown Austin Texas. It's the brain-child of David Hubbard, an award-winning Executive Creative Director and Branding Specialist of more than 24 years. After running a successful advertising agency for most of his career, David felt the strong need to make a change and build a real boutique agency around his true passion and talents - "creating unique, beautiful, bold  brands driven by exciting lifestyle-driven ad campaigns that add tremendous brand value and ROI to our clients." He has assembled a very special team of talented creative industry professionals that provide BrandWorx with some of the best, full service agency level work around.

BrandWorx is the SMART choice for any company - large or small - who is serious about building their brand and prefers a more direct hands-on, quick-turn approach to getting things done (versus the big budgets and long turn-around times most ad agencies require). Check out our creative and design portfolio online, or browse this site to learn more about our award winning services.

About David Hubbard

Executive Creative Director  |  Branding Specialist  |  Senior Strategist & Designer 

David is a lifelong visionary. His highly developed ability to envision the full potential for any client, brand or project success has ideally suited him to lead - both on the agency and client side. 

David took the strategic lead for brand giants like DELL, Compaq, Motorola, HYATT and WAL-MART. He's also had the privilege of guiding nonprofit accounts including Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), American Red Cross, The Iron Workers Union, The University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO), The State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) and One World Theatre.

A fluent idea guy and deep thinker with a real passion for his industry, David’s focus for clients has remained constant over the past 24 years - to produce top quality, award-winning work and on-target breakthrough creative that strategically drives the client’s brand personality forward, delivering impressive ROI - no matter what the challenge.

David Hubbard served as the Executive Director of Creative Services for MDS Advertising, the agency he founded and ran from 1991 - 2012. He is also an avid inventor - holding three U.S patents for technology inventions. His extensive experience in the U.S. patent and trademark process has proven invaluable to clients.

If he had time to live a double life, in all probability he would be a modern architect, splitting his time jetting between Dubai and Tokyo, designing outrageous, futuristic buildings and taking extended yoga retreats in the Himalayas. A few of his architectural projects are featured on this website.

The recipient of more than 40 prestigious international awards, David has garnered 11 Telly awards, 9 Hermes, 8 Summits, 4 Daveys, 2 Pixies and several Addys. He is humbled and honored, but prouder still of the results the work has produced for his clients- like the $1.5 billion in record sales for Montecito Property Company that his agency helped grow from a three person start-up. 

“Prestigious international awards are great to boost client confidence and agency ranking… but great work and happy clients feed my soul.”

“My hope is that you will enjoy this body of work as much as I did creating it. Better yet - let’s work together because the best work is ahead of us!”


David Hubbard - Executive Creative Director  BRANDWORXAustin.com

David Hubbard - Executive Creative Director


With inventive award-winning style, David Hubbard continually delivers fresh creative that keeps his BrandWorx client roster coming back for more.

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